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Causes of Low Cooling Levels in Your Air Conditioner

Of all the problems we treat for air conditioners in the Encinitas, CA area, low cooling power is among the most common. Obviously, an air conditioner which can’t generate sufficient levels of cooling power is going to give you some serious difficulty: extending the length it takes to cool your home, leaving the air hotter than it should be and often raising the risk of a breakdown as well as increasing monthly bills. If the air flow in your system is warmer than it should be, turn off the air conditioning immediately and call for aid. A trained technician can hunt down the source of the problem and solve it for you. Some of those sources can include the following.

  • Dirty Condenser Coils. The condenser coils bleed heat from the refrigerant into the outside air. When they get dirty – as they often do over the winter – the heat won’t dissipate and the system’s cooling power is damaged.
  • Low Refrigerant Levels. Refrigerant levels are supposed to be at a set level depending in your air conditioner’s make and model. When those levels drop, as they do with a leak in the system, your cooling power will drop with them.
  • Control Board. The control board ensures that the compressor motor and the fan motor get the proper voltage of electricity. In the event of a malfunction, the compressor and/or the fan itself won’t work like they should.
  • Thermostat Settings. Sometimes, the thermostat may simply be set to the wrong temperature. It may also be that the thermostat is malfunctioning: reading the temperature wrong or otherwise interfering with the cooling proves.
  • Faulty Run Capacitor. The run capacitor stores an electrical charge, and maintains the system once it is up and running. If the capacitor burns out or otherwise suffers damage, your system won’t run the way it should.

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