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Get Your Home Ready for Summer

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Summers in Carlsbad, CA are much milder than they are further inland. The California coast gives us mild breezes and dampers the triple-digit temperatures that afflict much of the state during the hot summer months. And yet we still need to be ready for it. We’re very early in the season – it’s still officially winter, after all – but the mercury has already begun to rise, and before long we’ll be heading off to our sparkling beaches and opening our homes up to catch those warm summer breezes.

You’ll want to keep your summer costs down and help your home stay as comfortable as possible during the summer months. That involves a number of steps you can take: upgrades, improvements and even just a little TLC to existing systems. Only you the homeowner can determine what you’d like to do on that front, but now is an excellent time to start planning, when the weather is mild and you have time to make those decisions. In the interim, here’s a quick list of suggestions you should think about. All of them can help lower monthly costs and improve the overall quality of your home.


One of the issues we constantly have to deal with in this area is high relative humidity levels, which can leave the air in your home feeling clammy and gross. People in our area tend to use air conditioners to treat the problem, which works, but can sometimes feel like swatting a fly with a baseball bat. A whole-house dehumidifier is designed to do the job much more effectively, and let you tailor the relative humidity levels to match your particular tastes.


Thermostats are designed to last a long time and you might have had yours in your home for many years. There’s nothing wrong with that and if it’s still functioning fine, more power to you. But there have been a lot of innovations in the field in the last few years – such as smart thermostats designed to more effectively respond to your cooling habits and thermostats that can be controlled anywhere in the world via an app on your phone – and if you’re still using a simple digital thermostat, you may want to replace it with something that takes advantage of 21st Century technology.

Zone Control Systems

Most air conditioners rely on ducts to carry the cool air through your home. If you have a large home with rooms that don’t see a lot of use, you might consider upgrading the ducts with a zone control system. It divides your home into sections, and allows you to control the temperature in each section separately from the rest of the home. Not only can individual family members tailor the temperature in their own space to match their particular tastes, but you can turn off the air in parts of the home you aren’t using, saving yourself a great deal of money as well as reducing the wear and tear on your air conditioner.

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