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How to Keep Your Home Cool When Your AC Breaks Down

Air conditioners aren’t supposed to break down, and with proper maintenance and an eye for potential problems, you can keep such issues to a minimum. But no system is perfect and sooner or later every air conditioner will break down. If it does and you don’t expect it, you’re going to need to keep cool while you wait for a repair service to arrive. The good news is that we live in Oceanside, CA, and our coastal breezes mean you can often stay comfortable for a few hours. But we have our share of heat waves too, and if your AC breaks down in the middle of one, it could get ugly. Here’s a few quick steps to help keep your home cool in the event of an air conditioning breakdown.

Keep the House Closed

Opening doors and windows during a hot day is never a good idea, doubly so when you have no air conditioner. Every time you do, you allow some of the remaining cold air to escape. Keep doors and windows buttoned up, and lower the shades on any windows that allow sunlight into your home.

Stick to Lower Floors

The upper stories of your house will heat up faster than the lower stories, since hot air rises. Accordingly, you should spend your time on the ground floor if possible. Run any fans you have to move the air and stay out of the attic or second floor until the air conditioner is fixed.


Physical activity increases your body temperature, which is the last thing you need if you don’t have a functioning air conditioner. Set yard work, household chores and other physical activities aside for the time being, and if you work out or exercise, wait until after the system is fixed for your routine. Instead, look for quieter activities like reading or playing a board game.

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