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How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Escondido, CA benefits from warm summers and mild winters, like most of San Diego County. That provides you with heating and cooling options that might not have been possible elsewhere in the country, and can save you a great deal of money if you play your cards right. In particular, a heat pump offers comprehensive coverage for summer and winter alike: a heater and an air conditioner wrapped into one that cuts down on your bills while continuing to provide you with the comfortable home you deserve. How does it work? We have a quick breakdown below.

AC With Benefits

Centralized air conditioners use refrigerant to do their work, cycling it through an endless loop within its system. The refrigerant is places under a great deal of pressure, bleeding heat off of it and releasing that heat through the outside portion of the system. It’s then placed in a series of coils inside your home that revert it from a liquid to a gaseous state, pulling heat from the nearby air in the process. The cool air can then be blown into your house with a fan.

All a heat pump does is offer an option to effective reverse the flow of refrigerant, and thus the temperature of the air being blown into your home. In the summer, it acts like any other air conditioner. In the winter, you simply flip a switch and hot air emerges from your system instead of cold air. It works extremely well in places with mild winters like ours, and because it doesn’t burn fuel to provide heat, it can end up lowering your monthly bills by quite a bit. Heat pumps are easy to operate, though they require a trained expert to install and maintain.

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