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Reasons to Install a Heat Pump

If you’re in the market for a new heater or air conditioner, there’s an alternative model to the traditional type of heaters you might want to consider. Heat pumps use the principles of air conditioning to provide heating and cooling power in a single unit, which provides a number of benefits and advantages. As you make your deliberations, you might want to think about what a system can offer you.


How They Work

Heat pumps function in a manner identical to normal air conditioners. Refrigerant cycles through a series of valves and coils that shift it from liquid to gaseous form and back. The gaseous refrigerant is first subjected to a great deal of pressure, shifting to liquid form, which releases heat into the air outside your home. The liquid refrigerant then moves inside, where a set amount passes through the expansion valve into a series of evaporator coils. The liquid shifts back to gaseous form, pulling heat from the nearby air in the process. The cool air can then be blown into your house with a fan while the refrigerant returns to the beginning of the cycle to repeat the process.

The heat pump does the same thing, only with a twist added. The cycle can be reversed so that hot air is released inside your home and the cool air outside your home. That allows the same system to do the job in summer and winter alike.

The Benefits

Heat pumps offer mild benefits in terms of sizing and placement, since they involve one unit instead of two. But their big benefit comes from the savings they engender. Because the hot air is created through the refrigerant, which is renewable, it costs much less to run than a traditional forced-air furnace. That means you can enjoy considerable savings on a month-to-month basis during the winter, as well as subjecting the system to less wear and tear. Over time, that can add up to quite a bit, making it a sensible long-term solution for homeowners looking to stay where they are.

The biggest drawback to heat pumps is that they don’t work well in very cold weather: they’re most efficient when the temperature sits somewhere in the 40-50 degree ranges. That makes them ideal for climates like ours here in Vista, CA, where the winter weather rarely drops below freezing. Heat pumps are growing more efficient with every new incarnation as well, so there’s never been a better time to have one installed. Proper maintenance and timely repairs will ensure that it functions as anticipated for many years to come.

A friendly service representative can go over all your options with you and schedule an installation session at your leisure. Having one installed now means you can enjoy the savings for the remainder of the winter, then shift to air conditioning as soon as the weather warms up with just a flip of the switch!

If a heat pump sounds right for your home, contact the professionals at Aspen Cooling & Heating Inc. today to discuss your options!

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