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Do You Need a New Heating System?

Temperatures are still warm here in Escondido, CA, but with the official arrival of fall comes the need to make a serious¬†evaluation of your heating system and determine if it’s up for keeping your home warm for another winter. Why do so now? Because it gives you the time to select and install a new system before you have need of it, according to your schedule, instead of scrambling in the middle of winter when your old system finally gives up the ghost. We benefit from very mild winters here in Southern California, but nights can still get chilly and the sea air in our neck of the woods can increase corrosion and wear and tear on older systems. If your existing heater is ready to be replaced, now is the time to replace it. How can you determine that? Here’s a few pointers.


Coast can be broken down into two basic factors:

  • Month to Month Expenses. An older heater is a less efficient heater, and the longer your furnace goes on, the more it’s likely to cost you in monthly expenses. Eventually, those costs can become so expensive that replacing the heater becomes inevitable.
  • Repairs.¬†Repairs can mean either a series of small repairs that add up to more than your old furnace is worth, or a single repair job that is prohibitively expensive.


Most heating systems should be reliable as long as the warranty is in effect, and if you schedule regular maintenance sessions¬†throughout the system’s life it could last much longer than that. But if the warranty has expired and you experience creeping costs of the kinds outlined above, that’s a good sing that the time as come for a new furnace.

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