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What Benefits Does an Electric Furnace Bring?

Here in Carlsbad, CA, most homes use gas-fed furnaces to keep warm during the winter. We enjoy mild weather here on the coast, and gas-fed furnaces to the job with a minimum of fuss. But depending upon the circumstances, you may wish to trade in an older gas furnace for a similar model powered by electricity.

Gas furnaces use burners to heat the air, while electric models rely on heated coils powered by your home’s electrical grid. Every home is different of course and not every household can benefit from an electric furnace over a gas-fed one. If you’re in the market, however, it pays to at least give the¬†advantages of electric heating a consideration.

Inexpensive Installation

Electric furnaces draw power from your home’s electrical grid, and thus don’t require gas piping or any similar hook-ups. That makes them cheaper to install than gas furnaces in most cases. This is balanced by a higher monthly cost of operating the system, (natural gas is cheaper than electricity), but if you need a new heater right away, the reduced cost is a factor.


Electric furnaces don’t usually suffer wear and tear the way that gas furnaces do, and while they still require regular maintenance, they tend to last a longer than other models. That provides good value for your dollar, and ensures that your furnace will function reliably year after year.

Off the Grid

Our part of San Diego county is very hilly, and plenty of homes in the area don’t have access to civic gas lines that gas-fed furnaces need to function. Electric furnaces make an easy solution to the dilemma: self-contained and running off of your home’s electrical grid. That means you don’t need to undertake any expensive upgrades to enjoy comprehensive heating in your home.

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