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Installing and Maintaining a UV Air Purifier

Here in Vista, CA, our sea air can result in germs and contaminants slipping into your home. There’s little you can do to stop it – germs travel through the air, which means they can enter your home every time you open a door or a window – but that doesn’t mean you have to give them an easy ride. A UV air purifier installed in your system makes the perfect weapon to combat them, and installing and maintaining a UV air purifier is one of our specialties. These devices use the power of ultraviolet light – harmless to humans and pets but lethal to germs – to render your home happier and healthier.


A UV light needs to be placed where it will do the most good. You can’t simply blanket your home with UV lights, for obvious reasons. When placed in your ducts, however, they can form a sheet of light that stretches across the width of the apex: an impenetrable barrier that even the smallest bacteria cannot escape. As the air conditioner or heater goes through its cycle, it gradually circulates all the air in your home: scrubbing it free of germs as it goes. That gives you the most efficiency for the least amount of space, and when installed properly can provide reliable service for many years.


The good news is that UV air purifiers require very little maintenance, since they have few moving parts and are kept out of the way of active damage. There is one aspect that does require regular attending to, however: the light bulb. They system won’t work if the bulb wears out, and while most are designed to last, it will be seeing regular use when you run your heater or air conditioner. A trained technician can perform regular maintenance on your system in conjunction with air conditioning maintenance in many case, and replace the bulb for you.

Call Aspen HVAC to install, maintain and repair UV air purifiers in your home!

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