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Trust UV Filters to Help You Stay Healthy

Winters are usually pretty mild here in Carlsbad, CA, but we still get plenty of rain, and illnesses have a way of going through the roof. No one likes to miss work or lose a weekend because of the sniffles, and if you have a newborn infant, an elderly relative, or someone afflicted with a condition such as asthma, you want to do as much as you can to prevent that from happening.

For most homes in the area, we recommend installing UV germicidal lights to filter out the germs. These ingenious devices use the power of ultraviolet light to kill the germs in your home. We can’t see UV light, but it appears in copious amounts in the form of sunshine, which is what makes our skin tan and burn on hot days. In lower amounts, UV light can make our white shirts glow in the dark. if you’ve ever been to Space Mountain at Disneyland, you can see it in action. At those levels, it’s completely harmless to humans and pets. germs, on the other hand, are either killed instantly on contact, or sterilized to that they cannot reproduce.

Unfortunately, you can’t simply bathe your whole home in UV lights all day and all night. The solution, then, is to install the system in an area where it can do the most good. The apex of your ducts makes the ideal choice. The UV filters shine light throughout the ductwork, and as you run your heating and your air conditioning system, the air gets pushed through it. Any germs or bacteria in it are killed instantly, and as your system runs, all of the air in your home is gradually scrubbed clean. It makes for a potent system, and when applied over time, can improve your family’s health a great deal.

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