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Beware of Buying HVAC Equipment Online

Monday, March 20th, 2017

Air_Conditioning_Air_Conditioner_Repairing_Cold_Temperature_Work_Tool_Examining-meEvery prudent homeowner is interested in saving money, and we’re always looking for ways to accomplish what we need for our homes without spending more than we have to. It’s an admirable policy, but be careful that it doesn’t turn around and bite you.

In the interest of saving money, many people invest in products or services that don’t give good value, which ends up costing you more in the long run than spending a little extra to make sure the job is done right in the first place.

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What to Look for in a New Air Conditioner

Monday, January 4th, 2016

“Winter” is a relative term here in Oceanside, CA, when even the coldest nights are nothing compared to back east. That actually makes it the perfect time to replace an outdated air conditioner: when you have no need of cooling power and can properly plan for an installation. With the new year here, you can turn in that old, antiquated system for something that suits your needs better, while putting money back in your pocket with greater efficiency and lower monthly bills. A new air conditioner takes planning with a trained professional, but if you know what to look for, it can pay huge dividends when you get it installed. Here’s a brief list of what to look for.

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