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Beware of Corroding AC Parts

Monday, April 17th, 2017

One of the benefits to living on the shore here in Southern California is the pleasant temperatures we enjoy all year. That helps save a great deal on heating and cooling expenses, especially when you consider how hot it can get just a few miles inland. As lovely as that sea air is, however, it comes with a price: the high salt content can increase corrosion on parts of your air conditioner. If left unchecked, it can cause a great deal of damage to your system. The good news is that trained technicians can repair and replace components damaged by corrosion and even help prevent it from forming in the first place. That will help your system last longer and do its job for less.

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Improve Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency This Spring

Monday, April 3rd, 2017

The weather stays fairly mild near the coast, but in Escondido and other cities further inland, our hilly landscape can make for some warm days during the summer. You’ll likely use your air conditioner a great deal in the coming months, which invariably means higher energy bills. But just because you have to pay more to run your air conditioner during the hot summer months doesn’t mean you should pay more than is necessary. By improving your air conditioner’s efficiency this spring, you can pay dividends with lower energy bills once the temperature starts to rise.

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How to Keep Your Home Cool When Your AC Breaks Down

Monday, August 8th, 2016

Air conditioners aren’t supposed to break down, and with proper maintenance and an eye for potential problems, you can keep such issues to a minimum. But no system is perfect and sooner or later every air conditioner will break down. If it does and you don’t expect it, you’re going to need to keep cool while you wait for a repair service to arrive. The good news is that we live in Oceanside, CA, and our coastal breezes mean you can often stay comfortable for a few hours. But we have our share of heat waves too, and if your AC breaks down in the middle of one, it could get ugly. Here’s a few quick steps to help keep your home cool in the event of an air conditioning breakdown.

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3 Possible Causes of Low Airflow

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

It can be a frustrating experience: you turn on the air conditioner to escape from the stifling heat of our summer only to find the airflow to be much less powerful than it should be. It’s more than just a nuisance. Low airflow means that the air conditioner is going to have to spend a lot more energy to cool your house, raising your monthly bills and increasing the strain on the rest of the system.

That makes even bigger repairs more likely, and over time it can shorten the lifespan of your system. A qualified repair technician can hunt down the source of the problem and correct it, but the longer you delay, the more trouble the situation is likely to create. Here are 3 possible causes of low airflow to watch out for.

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