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Common Problems with Your Ice Machine

Oceanside, CA has its share of restaurants and food service businesses, catering to both locals and to visitors who come to spend a few sunny days on the beach. If you’re an owner or a manager for one of those, you know how important a functioning ice machine is, not only to provide water and drinks for your customers, but to assist in food storage and preparation as well. A faulty ice machine can be a major drag on your business, and needs to be fixed before your customers decided that they’d rather eat somewhere else. Here’s a list of common problems with your ice machine that you should look out for.


Leaks rank among the most common problems with ice machines, whether they come from the water line leading up to them or take place inside the machine itself. Those outside the machine usually announce themselves with puddles and drips. Those inside the machine will often affect the quality of the ice, causing them to be lumpen and misshapen, or coat key components and freeze up. Most commercial plumbers can handle leaks in an ice machine and restore functionality quite quickly.

Warm Water

Ice machines pull water from your central main, but sometimes that water can be warmer than it should. (This most often happens when water from the dishwasher gets mistakenly rerouted into your ice machine.) Because it takes the machine much longer to freeze the ice with such water, it can cause individual components to overheat. Most ice machines have safety protocols that will shut the system down in those cases rather than risking an overheat, but you still won’t be able to use it until the problem is properly addressed.

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