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Commercial Air Purifier Services in Oceanside, CA

Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. - Commercial Air Purifier

Does it seem like your employees have constant runny noses? Does illness spreads around your office like wildfire? Then it may be time to consider an air purifier for your commercial space in Oceanside, CA. Getting consistent, fresh air into an office space can be very difficult, but one of the many benefits of using a centralized commercial HVAC system is the ability to add components to it. If your indoor air seems to be of poor quality, we can help with the installation and servicing of a commercial air purifier. Air purifiers are excellent at removing allergens, and can also remove many virus and bacteria particles as well. This not only helps your employees and customers, it also helps your commercial HVAC system.

Call the commercial indoor air quality pros at Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. today and see what an air purifier can do for your commercial space in Oceanside!

How Is an Air Purifier Different from an Air Filter?

We get this question a lot, and it’s understandable. It can be a little difficult differentiating between the different indoor air quality products available for your commercial space. When it comes to air purifiers versus air filters, the main difference is that air purifiers use electricity in some way to clean your indoor air. Air filters are just that: they are square–framed filters with filter media stretched around the inside of the frame. Air purifiers use electricity to trap and remove contaminants from your air, and do so as part of your existing commercial HVAC system.

What Are My Options with an Air Purifier?

You have three main options when it comes to choosing an air purifier for your commercial space:

  • Ion generator – this type of air purifier disperses negative ions into the air. These ions attach to various particles and contaminants, creating a single, negatively charged particle. The negative charge of the particle is attracted to the surfaces in your business space, so the particles will attach to the various surfaces. Once these surfaces are cleaned, the particles are removed.
  • Electrostatic precipitator – an electrostatic precipitator also uses negative ions to trap particles, but does so in a different way. First, air is drawn into the component’s cabinet, into a space known as the ionization section; this is where the contaminant is charged. The newly charged particle then moves through the cabinet and is captured on oppositely charged metal plates.
  • UV (ultraviolet) air purifier – this type of air purifier is specific to the eradication of biological contaminants only. Using lights that emit UV–C rays, UV germicidal lights destroy the DNA and proteins of biological organisms, eradicating them completely. This type of air purifier works only on biological contaminants, so it is often paired with a secondary air cleaner.

Call Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. for All of Your Commercial Indoor Air Quality Needs

Our pros are here to make sure your commercial space has the healthy indoor air needed for your business. We do this by offering excellent installation of our top–quality commercial IAQ products and expertly servicing your existing indoor air quality components. Contact us for more details.