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Commercial Refrigeration Services in Oceanside, CA

Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. - Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration appliances are much larger and complex than the average residential refrigerator, so they require handling by professionals who understand how these appliances work. Our experts have been handling the commercial refrigeration needs for Oceanside business owners for almost thirty years, so there isn’t a problem we haven’t seen. We specialize in light commercial and industrial businesses (not restaurants), and can assist with the installation, repair, replacement and maintenance of a range of commercial refrigeration products, including walk-in freezers and reach-in coolers.

Are you new to commercial refrigeration? We can help you find the type of commercial refrigeration appliance that will fit your needs perfectly. If you already have a commercial refrigerator, you know that fast, reliable and effective repair and maintenance service is a must, and the experts at Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. are here to provide that for you. Lastly, we can replace your outdated or failing commercial refrigerator with one that will meet all of your refrigeration needs.

When you need expert help for your commercial refrigeration equipment in Oceanside, CA, call the experts at Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc.!

Signs It’s Time to Call for Commercial Refrigeration Repair Help

Commercial refrigerators can be sizable appliances, making it tough to know when something may be malfunctioning with the unit. Here are some common signs that it is time to call the experts at Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. for help with your commercial refrigerator:

  • The contents of your refrigerator are expiring too quickly – your commercial refrigerator is there to keep your goods chilled as needed. If the items in your refrigerator are expiring and they shouldn’t be, it’s time to call for help.
  • There’s leaking from the seams in the outside casing – leaking from the seams of your commercial refrigerator mean that condensation is forming, most likely underneath the metal casing. Condensation should never be on the outside of your commercial refrigerator, so if you see leaks, call us for help.
  • The motor won’t stop running – proper refrigeration requires a cycle. If your commercial refrigerator is constantly running, there is a malfunction somewhere in the unit.

Choosing the Right Kind of Commercial Refrigerator for Your Business

Every business owners commercial refrigeration needs vary somewhat. Here are some factors to consider when reviewing your options:

  • Find the right style for you and your business – commercial refrigerators come in a number of configurations, so consider what you need to store. For instance, it may be better for your business to have a full door to open rather than a drawer that pulls out.
  • Determine where you commercial refrigerator will be located – location is important because it determines the size of the unit you can install as well as configuration. Make sure to have enough room not just to fit your commercial refrigerator but also to open and close it.
  • Properly size your commercial refrigerator – nothing is worse than investing in a commercial refrigerator that won’t meet your needs. Our technicians will help you properly size your commercial refrigerator so it meets all of your business’s refrigeration needs.

Walk–in Cooler

A walk–in freezer or cooler allows you to maximize on storing items, especially in bulk. Walk–in freezers and coolers are large appliances, and the best way to ensure your will operate as needed is to hire only trained commercial refrigeration experts—like the ones at Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc.—for all work.

Reach–in Cooler

Do you need service for your business’s reach–in cooler or freezer? Then it’s time to give our experts a call. We can help you install, repair, maintain or replace your reach–in appliance, and will do so using the most cost–effective way possible.


Commercial freezers are critical for any business that has to store items for the long–term. Hiring an inexperienced company to perform any work on your freezer can put your items, freezer and business at unnecessary risk. Our pros bring almost three decades of experience to our door, so let us handle all of your commercial freezer needs.

Server Room Cooling

Your business relies on the good operation of its computers. If you are a company in the computer server business, or are a business with your own server room, it’s imperative that the equipment stay cool. We can help with all of your server room cooling needs – just give us a call!