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Air Conditioning and Heating Services in Encinitas, CA

Seeking out the proper services for your home systems is part of being a homeowner, but you won’t have to search for another company for your heating and air conditioning needs again once you reach out to the team at Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc.. Customers choose us time and time again because we are so good at what we do. We continuously train in HVAC industry standards and customer service, so you can always expect the very best, whether it’s a minor repair or an air conditioning or heating system replacement.

Call today for home or commercial HVAC services in the Encinitas, CA area from the experienced technicians at Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc..

Contact Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. for Expert, Reliable Air Conditioning Services

It would be rough for us to get through the summertime without an air conditioning system, so call us if you find that your system just isn’t cutting it. We offer air conditioning repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services. If your system is beyond repair, we’ll help you find a suitable energy–efficient replacement. If you want to keep your system in good shape, our AC maintenance services will help to bring it back up to peak performance levels. Call our team to learn more about our air conditioning services.

Do You Need Ductless Air Conditioning Services?

A ductless air conditioning and heating system allows you the ability to heat or cool a home that doesn’t have any ducts without making any renovations and without a clunky, noisy unit in your window. If you want ductless air conditioning for your home or business, we can install it for you and provide ongoing services to maintain it.

We Can Upgrade or Service Your Thermostat

A quality thermostat is key to the performance and efficiency of your air conditioning and heating systems. Call our team to get a new thermostat that will help you to have better control over your home comfort systems. Or, contact us if you believe your thermostat is not functioning the way it is supposed to, and that the thermostat or your system may need repair.

Let Us Help You with All of Your Heating Needs in Encinitas, CA

We service a wide range of heating systems, including gas furnaces, electric furnaces, and heat pumps, all of which are excellent systems for use in our area. If you need a new system, we will help you pick out the right heater for your needs. Or, call our team for heating services, including repair and our comprehensive maintenance service. We can locate issues quickly and make sure that your home heating issues are resolved in a timely manner.

We Offer Comprehensive Services for Gas and Electric Furnaces

If you need a new furnace, you have a lot of options to choose from. We offer both gas and electric furnaces, and we install and service propane furnaces as well. However you power your heating system, we can repair or maintain it as well, even if we weren’t the company that installed the furnace in the first place.

Looking to Install a Heat Pump or Have One Serviced?

Heat pumps are essentially air conditioners that run in reverse in order to bring heat into a home in the winter and move it outdoors in the summer. For our mild climate, these are the perfect systems for many households. If you want to schedule an appointment with one of our heat pump specialists or if you just want to learn more about these highly efficient systems, call our office.

Are You Having Problems with Poor Indoor Air Quality?

The indoor air quality in your home may not be up to your standards, even with a quality air filter in place as part of your air conditioning system. Installing an additional air quality system, such as an air purifier or a separate whole–home air filtration system, may be just what you need to improve both comfort and health in your home. A dehumidifier or humidifier can make the air feel more comfortable by controlling the levels of moisture in the home, and this can also help to keep certain allergens out of the home.

Consider an Air Purifier

Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. has a number of air purifiers available for installation in the Encinitas area that can actually improve the health of your family members. Your air conditioner may have an air filter in place, but this doesn’t always cut it when family members suffer from allergies or more sever issues such as asthma. A good air purifier can eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and more.

We Install and Service Dehumidifiers

Are you looking for a way to keep cool on a humid day without running up your energy bill? A whole–home dehumidifier is able to give you control over moisture levels in your home at a fraction of the cost of operating an AC system. Reducing moisture levels helps you to stay a lot cooler when humidity levels are high, and it can protect your home from mold growth.

Make Your Indoor Air Cooler with a Whole Home Dehumidifier

A humidifier is an important fixture for anyone who suffers from recurring health issues or problems with dry skin. A humidifier can add enough moisture to the air to keep your skin and your sinuses moist, so that you can stay comfortable and potentially recover from illnesses a little faster. A whole–home humidifier may also help to protect artwork and wood furniture and flooring.

We Offer Comprehensive Commercial HVAC Services

Our commercial HVAC services help to ensure that the people on your commercial property can concentrate and stay comfortable throughout the year. When your commercial heating and air conditioning equipment requires prompt repairs or just a routine inspection for quality assurance, we can handle it. Our commercial HVAC services covers a wide range of heating and air conditioning systems as well as commercial refrigeration equipment; just call us to find out if your system is covered.

Make Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. Your Go–To Specialists for Commercial Refrigeration Services

Your commercial refrigeration equipment is important for your business. You need it to work for you and your employees and customers year round, so count on us to provide you with the services necessary to keep it running. We offer commercial refrigeration system repairs, replacement, maintenance, and new installation.

Do You Need a Commercial Freezer?

Your commercial freezer is necessary for daily operations, so keep yours in excellent condition with our expert services. We can install your new commercial freezer to ensure that it runs according to your preferences. We can also get to your commercial property quickly to make any repairs you may need through the years or to provide maintenance for your system in Encinitas, CA.