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Solana Beach, CA Air Conditioning and Heating Services

Here on Solana Beach, CA, we don’t suffer from the same temperature extremes that other parts of the country do: we enjoy warm–but–not– summers and delightfully mild winters, helping residents feel like they’re living in paradise. But that often means that houses are not adequately insulated, and while our temperatures are mild you still need a quality heating and air conditioning system to see you through those hot days and cold nights. Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. provides high quality installation services for heaters and air conditioners, then services and repairs them whenever our customers need it. Call on us today and let us show you what we can do!

Whether you need heating and air conditioning installation, service or repair in Solana Beach, CA, call on Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. to do the job right!

Do You Need Air Conditioning Services?

Air conditioning services can mean any number of things here in Solana Beach, CA. It may be that your old system has given up the ghost and you need a new one installed. It may mean that your system is broken and needs a good repair session to fix a serious problem. Or it may mean that your system just needs a little TLC to tighten loose bolts and clean off dusty components. Whatever your needs, Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. is ready to help you out!

We Offer Ductless Air Conditioning

If your home lacks the capacity to support an elaborate system of ducts, you may think you’re out of luck as for as air conditioning goes. But ductless systems utilize a different structure, allowing you to enjoy the full benefits of air conditioning without having to rely on an unwieldy distribution system. Call Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. today and let us show you what ductless air conditioning can do!

We Service Thermostats

We don’t often think about thermostats until they stop functioning, but as the control panel for your entire heating and air conditioning system, they need to be well–maintained. When trouble arises, you need a service that can determine whether it can be repaired, whether replacing is the best move, or whether you simply need your thermostat moved to somewhere else in the house!

Do You Need A Heating System or Furnace?

Just because we live in Solana Beach, CA doesn’t mean we don’t get our share of cold nights, as the mist creeps in from the ocean and the temperatures drop. When they do, you want a reliable furnace or heating system to kick in on demand and keep your home cozy and warm. The experts at Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. provide heating systems of all varieties, and can help you select the make and model that works right for you, then install it with confidence and pride!

We Offer Heat Pumps and Heat Pump Service

A heat pump uses the same basic system as an air conditioner – circulating refrigerant to lower the temperature of the air in the summer. But that system can also be "reversed," to provide heat in the winter just as easily. It’s an elegant system and it works particularly well in mild climates like ours where the temperatures don’t get too low in the winter. If that sounds like a reliable option for your household, then the experts at Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. are standing by to help. Give us a call today and let us show you what we can do!

Are You Interested in Improving Your Indoor Air Quality?

If you feel like the air is too dry or too moist in your home, then it could be costing you more than basic comfort levels. The same goes for high amounts of dust and bacteria. These are indoor air quality issues, and in addition to making your home feel uncomfortable, they can increase the strain on your air conditioner while exposing your family to increased health risks to boot. The solution is one of a variety of indoor air quality products provided by the experts at Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc.!

We Offer Air Purifiers

Air purifiers run the gamut from simple filters to electronic models designed to pull the dust right out of your air. Their only difference is in the price and efficiency. At Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc., we can help you determine what kind of air purifier best suits your needs, then install and service it with confidence and care. Whether you just need a more efficient filter, or could do with something more elaborate, call us to take care of it!

We Offer Dehumidifiers

If your house feels too clammy and hot, the problem is likely one of humidity. This not only affects your indoor air quality, but can increase the strain on your air conditioner: raising your monthly bills and the chances of a larger breakdown sometime in the future. Install a dehumidifier with Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. to help prevent that, and keep your home safe and comfortable.

We Offer Humidifiers

Low humidity is just as much of a problem as high humidity here in Solana Beach, CA. When relative humidity drops below 30%, static electricity increases in your home. Your skin feels itchy and your throat may be dry and scratchy as well. You can solve the problem quickly by installing a whole–house humidifier thought the professional services at Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc..

We Provide Commercial HVAC Services

If you own a business, or manage an office space, you need to factor your commercial HVAC system into your monthly budget. The more you can save in that department, the better your bottom line looks, which means you need not only to install a reliable system, but to keep it repaired and maintained so that it always functions at its best. Here in Solana Beach, CA, that means contacting Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. for commercial HVAC services of all varieties. Call us today to set up an appointment!

We Offer Commercial Refrigeration Services

Do you own a restaurant or similar food preparation company? If so, then you know how important commercial refrigeration services can be. Your system not only needs to work all day every day to keep your food fresh, but it needs to work efficiently so that your monthly expenses don’t eat you alive. Talk to Aspen Cooling & Heating, Inc. today for all manner of commercial refrigeration services.